Quitting Smoking (CD) (Demo)

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Quitting Smoking (CD) (Demo)


‘Quitting Smoking’ is the confident debut album from Danny Horn & the Shared Myths. Mixing pathos with dry humour and razor sharp lyrics, they will take you on a journey through time, millennial existentialism, love, loss and dogs. You will meet suburban shaman, vagabonds, nordic killers, Yana, Louise and Lucy as they breathe a strange, fresh life into the traditional folk form. Own it on CD and enjoy a 16 page lyric booklet, only at dannyhorn.co.uk


1. Quitting Smoking
2. I Don’t Know What Is Real Anymore
3. In This Life Or Another
4. Optical Illusion
5. Polaroid Dreams
6. Underneath The Rolling Thunder
7. Yana
8. Acorn
9. And Then My Dog Will Come Back
10. Boy Awake